Hello, I am Bruneau.

I moved to Kaiserslautern 4 years ago (2012) from Mauritius with my family (currently 2 sons born in Germany + wife).

All started by buying a syma x4 some days before Christmas 2015…which flew away just when starting to understand LOS after some weeks 🙁

But too late!!!!, found myself already addicted and would like to fly like Neo! So I decided to build a 180mm dalrc…everything from Bandgood and learnt how Zoll comes into picture 😛

180mm dalrc

  • FC: Afro Rev 3 with Betaflight 2.9
  • Akku: 3s
  • Frame : Dalrc 180mm
  • Motor : Dys 1806 2300kv
  • Prop : DALPROP 4045 Bullnose
  • Esc : Dys 16A
  • RX : Frsky X4RSB
  • Vtx : Quanum 25mw
  • Cam : Runcam skyline

Then realised how FPV was difficult (with Dominator V3) and could not pass the „first jump test“. Continued to master LOS and met some friends online „FPV HomeRacer-Germany“ and build “moustik” (Mosquito in creole)

Gaffa V2 FPV Racer
  • FC:Scisky (with betaflight)
  • Motor:Chaoli 8,5mm Brushed
  • Frame: Gaffa V2 (designed by a friend) – polycarbonate
  • VTX: FX MM213TL 5.8G 32CH 25mW Wireless Audio Video AV Transmitter Module
  • Cam: 600TVL 1/4 1.8mm CMOS FPV 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens Camera PAL/NTSC 3.7-5V
  • Prop: 55mm

With this, I could start my first FPV and at the same time met Copter Crew!…and still having fun to fly with it in front of the house or in Volkspark!

Then I started to use the dalrc 180mm fully J

And started to dream about Mitsuko!!!!

But before that investment, I wanted another small X but as solid as the DalRC, therefore just finished the build of Bourdon 130 (Xylocopa)…a budget one!:

CP 130 FPV Racer
  • FC: Afro Rev 5 with Betaflight 2.9
  • Frame : Carbon-Posten und Modellbau 130mm (he was proposing 120, but I negotiated that he cut a 130mm for me, like the falcon 130)
  • Motor : Roboterking 1306 4200KV
  • Akku : 3s
  • Prop : DALPROP Propeller 3045 3-Blatt Bullnose
  • Esc : Little bee 20A (could not have imperial march on it L )
  • RX : Frsky X4RSB
  • Vtx : Quanum 25mw
  • Cam : Runcam Swift

This one, will come with me on holidays J

Hope to see you all at Sembach! Where everything happens…in the air! Visit my YouTube-Channel.